Interior Design + Custom Art: The Perfect Combination

Posted June 3, 2020

Art, no matter the form, can bring character and add to the aesthetic of your space. At Anne Grice Interiors, we believe a custom art piece is often just the right touch to tie in different elements, colors, and textures in the design.


Interior Design + Custom Art: The Perfect Combination | Home decorated with custom art

Interiors by Anne Grice Interiors | Art by Theresa Stirling | Photo by Gibeon Photography


An Artist Whose Technique Is As Unique As the Story of Her Pieces.

Theresa Stirling strives to portray stories that are special and close to those who acquire her custom beeswax art (also known as encaustic painting). For this design project, the family’s horses had to be part of this magnificent space. Therefore, Theresa’s loosely tight – as she describes it – art form was the perfect way to represent the equestrian story. As well as taking into consideration the interior design elements that Anne was creating, Theresa highlighted the main features of the horses and the beautiful Colorado rural setting where the three pieces are currently displayed. 

Moreover, for Anne, having an art piece that tells a story and is connected to her clients on a personal level is always a priority, just as it is to customize everything in the design to make sure the final product perfectly meets the needs and vision of her clients.


Theresa in her studio

“It all starts with matching the art

with the right people.”

– Theresa S.


The Many Layers of Encaustic Painting

Anne loves depth, color and texture in the art she chooses. Theresa not only accomplishes that by telling a story through her paintings, but also, literally, gives depth and texture to her art with layers of wax.

The ancient-yet-contemporary technique of encaustics – which consists in layering brushstrokes of pigmented hot wax over birch panels, followed by firing with a torch – dates back to the 400 BC. In fact, Theresa has been perfecting her technique for 17 years, and you can tell she has put her heart and soul into all of her projects. This certainly translates into the final product she delivers.


Theresa in her Studio

Theresa in her studio working on a custom piece for Anne Grice’s Interior Design Project


Interior Design + Custom Art: The Perfect Combination.

Anne, together with Theresa, considered many approaches as well as images from the client for this art project. They worked on progress shots, color choices, and on how impressionistic to go with the piece. Anne, as the Interior Designer, knew the history of the space, and described the feel and architecture of it to make sure the interiors not only contained a curated color palette, custom furniture, and functional design, but also perfectly sized art pieces to complete her vision. For Anne, the depth, colors and sheen of Theresa’s beeswax art was a feature she wanted to add to her design.


Anne at her studio

“I love working with clients to commission art

that is meaningful to them.”

– Anne G.


Any way you look at it, the space is stunning.

Altogether, this project really speaks to the collaboration between Anne Grice Interiors, Theresa Stirling Art Studios, and the client. As a result, everything came together with the lovely grounding neutral tones of art and interiors. An overall serenity is echoed with the natural stonework and masonry throughout the spaces, along with the fabulous scenery of the Colorado mountain landscapes. In essence, everything the client was expecting, and more!


Interior Design + Custom Art: The Perfect Combination | Home decorated with custom art

Interiors by Anne Grice Interiors | Art by Theresa Stirling | Photo by James Florio



Acquire a Custom Art Piece.

Interested in starting a project? Reach out to Theresa by phone or email to share your ideas and discuss your project.

Take a look at more of Theresa’s beautiful work here and learn more about her technique to get inspired. Also, make sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to stay on top of what she’s working on next.


Theresa’s stuido


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Interior Design by Anne Grice Interiors

Interior Design by Anne Grice Interiors | Photo by Gibeon Photography


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