How to Modernize Your Outdated Home

Posted May 11, 2020

By John Forest | Bighorn Rentals


Do you feel that your home needs sprucing up?

Many homeowners feel like their property hasn’t entered the new decade yet. There could be several reasons behind this. The interior design may have aged badly or the home has turned into a cluttered place.


Interior Design by Anne Grice Interiors | Photo by Jeremy Swanson


And there are many practical grounds on how to modernize your outdated home. Bighorn Rentals and Anne Grice Interiors share the top reasons why you should modernize your outdated living quarters:

  • You will see an overall increase in your quality of life as the living conditions are improved
  • Inviting guests isn’t something that causes worry and stress anymore; instead, it’s a delight
  • Modernizing your home can raise your home’s value, an important outcome for would-be sellers

Now we’ll go over the top things you can do to bring an outdated home into the new decade.


#1: Update your cabinetry


Interior Design by Anne Grice Interiors | Photo by Jeremy Swanson


Old-fashioned and worn cabinetry makes your home look much older. You don’t have to completely replace your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, though. There are cheaper alternatives on the table.

Here are the easy ways to refresh your cabinetry:

Replace hardware. You don’t have to replace the actual door. New pulls and knobs can give your cabinetry a completely fresh look. Pick modern materials like stainless steel or soft brass.

Buy glass doors. You could replace solid doors with glass panes. This is an ideal solution to upgrade the look of your cabinetry. Make sure to use the glass pane doors for showcasing beautiful display items or tidy dishware.

Add amenities. It’s possible to enhance the look of your cabinetry by adding extra amenities. Among other things, you could incorporate wine storage, floating shelves, or an appliance garage and plate racks to upgrade the outdated look.

Reface the cabinets. Sometimes all you need to do with outdated cabinetry is to go through with a refacing project. The replacement of drawer fronts and doors could give results not that far off from buying new cabinetry.


#2: Declutter your living spaces


Interior Design by Anne Grice Interiors | Photo by Jeremy Swanson

One option for updating your home means not buying anything new at all. Instead, you could take steps towards completely decluttering your home. This costs nothing but your invested time.

Remove all of your wall art and rehang only the pieces that enhance the space:

  • Make sure they are right size for the wall
  • Nicely framed to go with your decor
  • Be sure to hang all pieces with the center at or around 60″ high

Remove old accessories, forgotten magazines, and ornaments that belong to previous decades. Taking these decluttering efforts seriously could lead to a brand-new look for your home.


#3: Upgrade the bathroom vanity


Interior Design by Anne Grice Interiors | Photo by Jeremy Swanson


You can boost your home’s value and improve the overall look of your property when giving your bathroom vanity a makeover. These are our main recommendation for making your bathroom look as good as new:

  • Add more storage space by rearranging the items and even moving bathroom cabinets
  • Take good care in thoroughly cleaning your tiles and grouting
  • Consider applying a fresh coat of paint on your bathroom cabinets and other surfaces
  • Floating glass shelves with a beautiful set of bathroom decorations and spa candles create ambiance
  • Purchase a solid surface countertop as this will instantly add fresh sophistication to the room
  • Replace old towels and shower curtains
  • Remove limescale from your toilet, sink, and bathtub. Use a product that adds extra shine.


#4: Improve your lighting


Interior Design by Anne Grice Interiors | Photo by James Florio


Lighting is an area of your home that can make or break its appeal. Upgrading your lighting can seemingly take years off your home. When you are on a tight budget, just getting lighter lampshades could make a big difference.

Bigger budgets call for a mix of new lights. The combination of downlights, pendant lights, hanging lights, and other lighting solutions in a smart way creates a modern and elegant look for your living room. Keep it simple.

Try to reduce eye strain and maximize the perceived airiness of your rooms when installing the new lights. Additionally, you could invest in floor lamps. Make sure some of your lights shine on your walls which brightens the space.


The bottom line: How to Modernize Your Outdated Home

Modernization is a goal for many homeowners. When you feel that your home hasn’t changed for years, or even decades, then it’s time to freshen things up a little bit.

Here are our top recommendations on how to modernize your outdated home:

  • Upgrade your lighting by purchasing new shades or replacing lamps completely
  • Declutter all your rooms for a zero-budget modernization fix
  • Update your bathroom and kitchen cabinetry
  • Make necessary changes to update the look and feel of your bathroom vanity
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