6 Points to Consider for a Productive Home Office Environment

Posted March 31, 2020

By Anne Grice, ASID

Even if it’s temporary – our work environment directly impacts attitude, motivation, comfort, productivity and even health. The impact of positive changes can be huge. Here are six points to consider for a productive home office environment.


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1. SeatingThe most important tool for your home office. I tried sitting in my dining chair for one day then went to my office to get my wonderful ergonomic chair from Knoll that I purchased over 20 years ago. Don’t skimp. You wouldn’t buy an old or outdated computer, so don’t buy a cheap chair. A great chair will last many times than your computer. Select a chair that is ergonomic, adjustable, fits you so that your feet are flat on the floor, and that provides proper back support. Fit balls and kneel chairs are great for your back, also. I find that I sit more working alone at home, so anything that promotes movement of your spine is a plus.


Productive Home Office Environment: Seating


2. Standing – Maybe a standing desk is more suitable for your type of work. I LOVE my VersaDesk because it’s motorized and raises & lowers at the push of a button. There are lots of studies out there regarding back health and overall fitness related to using a standing desk.

Productive Home Office Environment: Stand Up Desk


3. Work surface and Storage – Your seated desk should be between 28” and 30” high (depending upon how short or long waisted you are) and at least 24” deep. A dining table will also work well. I like a deeper table because it allows me to accommodate my computer, as well as any papers, etc. However, you don’t want to be reaching forward for your keyboard. Make sure there is enough room for all the “stuff” while allowing room to actually work!

Make sure your monitor height is near eye level or your back will let you know! If you are working on a laptop, borrow a monitor from the office and raise it up on a few books to get it the right height. Get a wireless mouse to add to your laptop for ease of use.

Since your space is temporary, utilizing a simple stand up file holder is a great way to store and keep your files organized.

Productive Home Office Environment: Organization



4. Lighting – Poor or dull lighting equals a somber mood. I decided to be in the basement and leave our dining table for family use. Adjustable lighting is great as it allows you to adjust the lighting for optimum use. Table lamps and adjustable task lamps can be used if needed. Another way to improve the lighting and mood is with window treatments that allow control of light and heat. I’m not sure you can overdo it with the lighting. I found a little task lamp in my daughter’s room and pointed at the wall and it added to the overall brightness.

Productive Home Office Environment: Lighting


5. Décor and Layout – Make sure your layout works and change it occasionally. I know we’ve undergone a lot of change but change is good and helps creativity. Instead of family photos you have at the office, add something professional – your awards, a photo of your work or something that makes it feel like you are at the office.Productive Home Office Environment: Calendar Decor

6. Finish the job – Be sure to include everything you will need – all your supplies, a trash and recycling can, a favorite plant, your favorite quote for inspiration, etc.

Productive Home Office Environment: Desk Organizer

The Good News is – Studies show that even a few small changes to the work environment boost productivity.


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