5 Reasons to Add a Gallery Wall + How To Do It Right!

Posted February 13, 2021

I love incorporating a gallery wall into my clients’ homes – the best part is that THEY love it even more!


Take a look at these 5 reasons to add a gallery wall to your home:

1. Personal Meaning

Adding a gallery wall is an opportunity to incorporate items of personal meaning in a fun and creative way. It’s also a great way to showcase photos and art of many types, shapes, and sizes – get creative and have fun!


Interiors and Design by Anne Grice Interiors | Photo by Jeremy Swanson


2. Family Photo Gallery

A gallery wall can work as your family photo gallery. Design it easy to change and update as your family grows. Pro-Tip: Leave the paper off the back of the frames, mats can be easily removed making it simple to replace photos.


Gallery Wall and Interiors by Anne Grice Interiors | Photo by Jeremy Swanson


3. Convenience

Some walls can be fairly easy to change and switch around, adding versatility to showcase what you want when you want. Pro-tip: If no wall is free to make a gallery wall, convert your shelves into a sculptural display. Pro-tip #2: Paint the background in an interesting color that highlights your pieces.


Interiors by Anne Grice Interiors | Photo by Jeremy Swanson


4. Lightening Up Dark Areas and Hallways

The perfect space for a gallery wall can be in darker spots in your house, like a hallway. Wall art sconces can be a great solution to make your gallery stand out, plus, they can add some detail.



5. Showcasing Your Art

Some of us like collecting art, and finding the perfect space to showcase it can be a challenge. Having a gallery wall will allow you to accommodate different shapes and sizes of art, and gives you the versatility to swap the pieces out over time. Pro-tip: Select one big anchor piece for your gallery wall – better if it stands out – and work around it!



Interiors by Anne Grice Interiors | These owners love picking up fun art on their travels. Notice how the art layout follows the shape of angled ceiling on the left.

Interiors by Anne Grice Interiors | Photo by Jeremy Swanson



Pro Tips and Tricks

  • Work with the shape and size of your wall
  • Start at eye level – put your larger pieces here and line them up horizontally from the CENTER
  • Tallest pieces or tallest stack should go in the center – unless you have an angled ceiling
  • You can group within the group – group smaller pieces closer together to add visual weight
  • Lighting is non negotiable – use adjustable ceiling lighting, wall art lights or other built in custom solutions
  • Most importantly – have fun with it!


Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

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